anthems of the adolescent


Today - Sarah Giles

It’s hard to say where I am

Because it’s never just one place

You could say I’m here today

The weather and the time make it that way

But will I ever be in one place today

If my mind is yesterday and tomorrow

I’d like to be today

No more shades of grey


"I just feel so alone, even when I’m surrounded by other people."
Lost In Translation (2003) 

Geoffroy de Boismenu

Look Out 

Made of Stone - Sarah’s mind

You may notice we’ve run out of time 

Admit limitations, words unspoken speak louder today

Only trying to find how to make you mine

But love isn’t love and I can’t stay

And I know you can’t fight pain with pain

Shadows don’t dance in the night

Though it’s clear tenderness will remain

When starry grace claims the light

Not quite sure where I’m off to

Tall buildings cloud my mind

But I didn’t go to see the city, I went to see it around you

and it’s making me blind

Beyond the stone walls built around you and I

Lives only stone people who will make you cry


t h e m e